Download Automatically Updates User Computers Freeware

Security Essentials Definition Updates  v.1.147.1656.0

Install the latest Microsoft Security Essentials definition updates for computers running x32-based versions of Windows

Browsershots  v.0.4.beta2

Browsershots is a system for capturing screenshots of Web pages in many different browsers. When a user submits a web address on the central web interface, the screenshots are made automatically on distributed computers that are run by

SlimDrivers Free  v.2.2.12567

SlimDrivers automatically updates PC drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. The first cloud-based utility for updating and maintaining drivers, SlimDrivers provides instant optimization of the interaction between a computer and its

SlimDrivers  v.2.0.4103

SlimDrivers automatically updates a PC's drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. The first cloud-based utility for updating and maintaining drivers, SlimDrivers provides instant optimization of the interaction between a computer and its

BIOSAgent  v.3.66

The BIOS Agent will automatically identify your computers BIOS information. You'll quickly identify the BIOS Date, BIOS Type, BIOS ID String, Motherboard OEM data, Motherboard Chipset and Super I/O data.

Php-Residence Hotel Software  v.0.6.3

Designed to manage house apartments or hotel rooms. Reservations can be assigned to apartments automatically with user defined rules. Templates to check availability for internet sites can be created. Multi-user with privileges system.

Credit-card-debt-settlement-wallppr  v.3.00

Automatically change your computers desktop wallpaper with our new, easy to use software Change your windows background every x minutes Change it to a background from a list that you put

UpdateIP  v.1.6

If you want to setup your own personal Web or FTP server, but your ISP allocates a new IP address every time you connect, then this is the utility for you! UpdateIP automatically updates your web pages with your current IP address, so you dont have

Wallpaper Slideshow  v.1.24

Wallpaper Slideshow is a freeware program allows you to set a list of files that you would like displayed as your computers desktop wallpaper. The pictures are then rotated through on a time interval. Features: Automatically changes your computers

Currency Assistant for Mac OS  v.3.1.3

A very flexible and easy-to-use currency conversion calculator. It lets you convert between 174 world currencies and automatically updates exchange rates over the Internet. With Currency Assistant you can easily create multiple converters, import

Code Amber Amber Alert Desktop Ticker  v.1.1

"The Code Amber Desktop Amber Alert Ticker displays active Amber Alerts for all 50 states. The Ticker automatically updates itself when an Amber Alert is published by Code Amber. Code Amber is the leading publisher of Amber Alerts on the Web. Code

ALFA Hak Updater  v.1.0

This tool automatically updates the Neverwinter Nights hak packs of the ALFA (A Land Far Away - Persistent World. It is based on one of the public domain tools offered by the nwn-j3d sourceforge

GWT Pleso Framework  v.1

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces. GWT Pleso Framework enables you to create automatically generated user interface based on business-logic

IP Blocker  v.20050403

IP Blocker is an incident response tool that automatically updates access control lists on Cisco routers and other devices. Web and command line interfaces are both supported, as is logging, email notification, and automatic expiration of

Mvt  v.0.0.1

A move command like mv, except it automatically updates symlinks when it moves things. It requires

QuickCheck for Java  v.0.1

QC4J is an automated, specification-based testing framework, based on QuickCheck for Haskell. It makes it easy to test referentially transparent code, by creating test data automatically through user-defined

Trovesend_Two  v.1.0

Client that automatically updates project listings at SF, FM, Open-Source Directory, coming FSF directory. Change once & have the client login to the sites & update all your listings FOR YOU. Original idea:

SQLite DbExpress Driver  v.1.0

SQLite is a small footprint fast sql database engine designed for single user computers. The DbExpress driver architecture is used by CodeGear development environments. Having a DbExpress driver for SQLite allows light weight easy deployable applications

Tab Fu  v.1.0

Tab Fu indexes, automatically updates, and searches an OLGA-like guitar tablature database through a web interface. The interface is done in PHP, the database is MySQL.

Spree  v.1.0

Spree creates a social search community where everybody shares knowledge and benefits from other users' knowledge alike. The spree technology automatically channels user questions to competent fellow users who are willing to help.

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